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IDT Consulting and Services, Inc., brings two service portfolios for the global customers: IT Consulting & Support Services and Product Design & Manufacturing. It is an USA based strategic organization that focuses on providing cost effective business delivery models and has a sustainable solutions for the customer’s conundrum. IDTCS competences to help companies in IT and Product Design Consulting, Manufacturing, Business Transformation and to accelerate growth.

IDT is a one stop shop to established your IT and product design and manufacturing business.Our solutions are designed to bring considerable return on investments.

What we do ?

IT Consulting and Support services: We provide solutions that best fit your immediate & futuristic IT needs. We provide assistance that is required to setup the IT Strategy, transformation, filling skill gaps & enhancements in the technologies of your choice. As experts in technology, functional & business strategic areas, we bring you the best & experienced in the industry to provide consulting & support in cutting edge latest technologies. Uncompromised delivery & best in class turn-around times will enable you to bring the focus back to making your customers more successful. Wide experience, versatile IT and Design team who could handle complex industry problems with innovative solutions.

Product Design and Manufacturing: Our product design division brings most innovative ideas in consulting & manufacturing capabilities. We help our customers right from concept, product design, engineering, prototyping, manufacturing and launching the product in the world market. We also help our customers to move their business on IT platform . Our major customers are  Agriculture, Defense,   Healthcare and Retail industry. Our product design theme is to bring best value adds products which can help directly to mass mankind needs. Our professionals are diverse with knowledge, delivering high productivity and consistent values. IDT is launching  solar and retail products soon.

Our focused, flexible and futuristic approach helps customers to grow their businesses smoothly with peace of mind.


Our Leadership criterias are:

  • Innovative Service Offerings
  • Commitment to Thought Leadership
  • Provide consistent quality and cost reduction solutions
  • Unique Approach to meet Customer expectations on time

Our Vision and Mission

Leveraging latest technologies and business processes help our customers attain their goals.

At IDTCS, we commit to define/refine and align our consistent integrity within our employees and clients; we believe in change as per the business demand. Our business model is designed to deliver right, high quality, cost effective, reliable and flexible solutions. Consistent improvement through lean management, process simplification, system integration and cost effective solution. We believe in Systematic approach to problem solving. We design products for Global Urban communities who can get maximum benefits of lowest cost and high quality.

IDTCS re-invest 20% of its profit in research & development and continuous product improvement. Our core innovations are in the areas of IT, defense, agriculture and retail indudtry. Keeping USER at center and ENVIRONMENT as key factor we design products that would help mass mankind in meeting their requirements. We believe in optimum utilization of natural resources, processing, conversion and  recycle for better sustainability. We highly value trust and relationships in our business model.

Our Culture and Values

IDTCS is a company of amazing/diverse people working for most exciting industries in the world. Our team brings different and rich expertise and experience. Many have accomplished …from IT Industry  to Product Design for global market. We are consistently re-examining/ improving our strength and capabilities and processes to ensure that our products scores highest level of customer satisfaction. At IDTCS, we are committed to follow organization values, visions, norms, working language and habits. IDTCS corporate culture deliberately created by management to achieve specific strategic goals to become the fortune company we would like to be.

We would like to be a world class leader in every aspect of our business and customer satisfaction.